Why Use A Dog Poop Pack?

Why use a dog poop pack?

Yes, we love walking and hiking with our dogs.  No, we don’t like to pick up and carry their poop. Leaving it on the trail after it has been bagged is not only an eyesore and rude, but is littering and illegal.  So, why should you use a dog poop pack?  The simple answer is, let your dog carry **it so you don’t have to.  But there are several bigger reasons: dog waste is protein based and is toxic to the environment, carries a variety of parasites and bacteria, and is the third largest contributor to water contamination, to name just a few.

Look, no one wants to carry a bag full of poop whether they are walking in the neighborhood or hiking on a trail.  So here is the solution:  PACK **IT OUT, dog back pack.  Now you don’t have to carry it, your dog will carry his/her own!  It is a small, light pack that attaches easily to the harness, leash handle, fanny pack, or backpack.  It has a pocket for unused bags, and a large receptacle for the used bags, which is lined with an antimicrobial finished, absorbent fabric.  This greatly reduces odor and is easy to clean.

Let’s be “Poopular”,  pick **it up and let your dog PACK **IT OUT!





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