Founded in 2013, PACK **IT OUT was born out of the necessity to free our trails from the litter problem of waste-filled plastic bags left on our trails, walkways, and public parks. An avid hiker and dog lover, I too found it repelling to carry dirty “duty” bags when hiking. There never seemed to be a receptacle nearby. However good intentioned, picking up the bags when descending the hike was rarely done by my fellow hikers. This is a health-hazard, attracts wild animals, and disrespectful to our beautiful, natural environment. It also does nothing to improve relations between dogs and non dog-loving humans.

Both the large photo and first small photo on the left shows the top side of the pack. The upper pocket is designed to house the clean plastic bags. This pocket has a small opening between two small Velcro tabs to expose the end of the bag for easy dispensing. This pocket houses both rolls of bags or manually stuffed bags. The second photo shows the opened, antimicrobial lined main pouch which acts as as a receptacle for the dirty bags. The last two pictures are of the underside of the pack and show how it attaches to the back strap of the harness, utilizing the two wide Velcro straps. When attached to the harness, the thin middle strap in between the two wide straps goes around the collar of the dog as a stabilizer. This keeps the pack from sliding on the harness and allows the dog to play and run with little to no movement of the pack on the dog’s back. This underside view also exhibits a Velcro flap that has an “O” ring attached for keys, etc., and is great for joggers. In addition there is a small center top loop to attach a D-ring or carabiner for attachment to your fanny pack, day pack, belt loop, etc. Or if you prefer these Velcro straps can be used to attach to the leash, and various hiking wear as well. It has great versatility. Please view the video on the Home Page for additional information and instruction on the use of the pack.

So let’s all be responsible – PICK **IT UP and

Pack **It Out

Patent Pending

Also available in Colorado at: Mouthfuls on Tennyson, Green Paw in Golden, Boone Mountain Sports in Evergreen, 32nd West in Denver; in California at: Mountain Hardware & Sports in Truckee.