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Dog Pack **It Out

No more hand-carrying your dog’s dirty “duty” bags. When walking, hiking, or jogging with your dog, PACK **IT OUT is the solution. Simply attach the small backpack to your dog’s harness, leash, or if you prefer, your fanny pack, belt loop, or backpack. Designed with convenience and ease for you, as well as comfort for your dog, it’s all you need!

Additionally, it alleviates the unsightly presence of dirty plastic bags left on the trails, walkways, parks, etc.

This small dog pack has a pocket for easy dispensing of bags and a self-contained pouch to carry the dirty bags. Lined with hydrophilic antimicrobial fabric, both messiness and odor is reduced. There is an additional pocket to carry clean wipes, treats, or other small necessities.

Because it is light and secure, your dog is able to run and play unhindered. The best part is that YOU are doing your part to decrease the litter on our trails, parks, and walkways.

So let’s all be responsible, PICK **IT UP and PACK **IT OUT.

Pack **It Out’s Features:


  • Attaches to your dog’s harness or leash with Velcro straps; or
  • Attaches to your belt loop, fanny pack, backpack with Velcro straps, or carabiner.
  • No need to remove from harness, unless to wash.
  • Front pleated pocket creates easy access to main pouch for carrying used bags.
  • Bellowed sides for expansion of pack as needed.

Made of water resistant, durable material

  • Heavy duty, light weight, 100% polyester fabric – easy to clean, machine washable.
  • Separate pockets used to house unused bags, clean-wipes, hand-sanitizer, treats, etc.
  • O-ring on underside pocket to hold house key (great when jogging).
  • Carries used bags comfortably until appropriate receptacle is located.

Lined with Antimicrobial fabric

  • Hydrophilic, antimicrobial finish – reduces bacterial build-up, decreases odor, wicks away moisture, decreases messiness.
  • Attached only to the opening of the pack, it pulls out of main pouch creating an ease to rinse off quickly, or can be washed with entire pack.

Dog Comfort

  • Light and comfortably situated over shoulders, the dog can run, play, wrestle unhindered, with complete disregard to pack.
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